What’s the alternative? - Surface engineering in alternative energy

This item describes the benefits of surface engineering in alternative energy power stations considering recent tests and looking at the future of such plant.

100 not out – a century of professional standards in mineral resource reporting

Describing early attempts to standardise professional mineral resource reporting.

Zimbabwe – a new beginning? The outlook for mining in the country

From the Materials World archives: a report from the 6th Annual International Mining in Africa Conference held on 23 June 2009 in London, UK, in which Morgan Tsvangirai, then Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, gave the keynote address and spoke of his plans for the country and its development.

Hitting the heights - steel in aeroplanes

Despite the rise in composites, steels still play a vital role in modern aviation. This article considers the use of the metal and its alloys.

Desirable Duplex stainless steels in the hydrometallurgical industry

The use of duplex stainless steels in the hydrometallurgical industry is explored. These materials offer advantages in terms of corrosion resistance and price.