Wear in the oilsands

Metal matrix composite coatings can reduce erosion-corrosion damage in the oilsands industry, the performance of such coatings is being monitored by Leeds University and international partners.

Got it cracked? – stress corrosion cracking

Stress corrosion cracking is difficult to study and forecast. Reliable prediction of crack nucleation and hence the likelihood of achieving a certain lifetime remains a challenge. Researchers at The University of Manchester School of Materials, UK, are taking a multiscale approach to solving this problem, looking at corrosion/oxidation processing, residual stress, deformation, damage and crack development.

Toughness required – composite hardfacing coating

A new composite hardfacing coating for extreme environments has been developed for the energy sector.

Future for fossils

Professor Rachel Thomson of the Department of Materials at Loughborough University, UK, describes methodologies for the prediction of power plant lifetimes.

Coated nuclear fuel

Eddie López-Honorato and Ping Xiao from the School of Materials at The University of Manchester, UK, describe how surface engineering developments can help nuclear energy generation.