Special section – Creating the future in design

Professor Simon Bolton, Director of the Centre for Competitive Creative Design at Cranfield University, UK, explores how to navigate the current economic storm through resilient design-led innovation.

Special section – Sparking ideas for UK manufacturing

With concerns about the state of UK manufacturing, Meagan Ellis takes a look at niche fields where UK firms are making a name for themselves and the challenges that lie ahead.

Preparing for growth – phosphate mining

The Chilisai phosphate rock deposit in Kazakhstan is being mined to supply local markets with fertiliser. This article examines the project.

Geometallurgy for mine data - explaining the advantages

The merits of geometallurgy over chemical analysis of cores are presented.

ADOPTIC a new approach - web tool for ceramics additives selection

An European Framework 6 project has resulted in a new approach to additive optimisation in ceramics. The web tool helps with additive selection.