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Kiln at Ketton Cement in Lincolnshire, UK

Burning up waste - energy for cement making

Cement manufacturers are turning to alternative fuels for their energy intensive process. Municiple waste may provide the answer.

Getting the green light — bio-composite racing car

A UK-based research consortium from the Universities of Ulster and Warwick is building an eco-friendly Formula 3 racing car. They are making use of bio-resins and bio-composites to make a lighter structure and reduce fuel use.

South Wales revisited – the Aberpergwm mine

Coal is becoming increasingly important in meeting UK energy needs. Regeneration work is well underway in the Aberpergwm coal mine in South Wales, UK. Michael Forrest finds out more about the strategy for expansion.

Sunny side up – oil exploration in the Bahamas

Falkland Islands-registered oil and gas company BPC Ltd, is exploring the Bahamas for oil. This area has undergone little exploration activity and the company believes it shows geological promise.

Next generation energy - nanotechnology's role

Providing low cost and low carbon emission energy is one aim of the Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN). Dr Martin Kemp, Materials Theme Manager, describes recent developments in the field. Batteries, fuel cells supercapacitors and photovoleics are discussed.