Uranium update — a look at uranium

Michael Forrest talks to Steve Kidd, Director of Strategy and Research at the World Nuclear Association, London, UK, about uranium and its potential as a sustainable energy source.

A cleaner finish — the evolution of surface engineering

Keith Harrison, Chairman of the IOM3 Surface Engineering Division, reports on how surface engineering has become more environmentally friendly

Hub of information - the surface engineering microsite

Surface engineering is vital to the success of almost every commercial and industrial product, from aero engines to razor blades. It is a critical enabling technology that underpins every industrial and manufacturing sector. The new Surface Engineering Division Strategy of IOM3 encompasses the needs of British industry to enable predictive design of important components and products with minimum waste and the use of more sustainable materials and environmentally friendly processes.

Battery powered — energy storage

UK experts Peter Hall, from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and Steve Tennison, from MAST Carbon Technology Ltd, Guildford, report on energy storage in the energy materials series from Materials UK.

Is there life on other planets?

In my August column I suggested that we have robbed our children’s children of daylight, or at least of the ability to turn night into day. This month I will...