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The coal industry and solutions to global warming

I recently noticed that in Hellemans and Bunch’s outstanding chronology of science and technology, The Timetables of Sciences , there was only one item in the ‘Technology’ column for 1,000AD...

Investigation of the epoxy-metal-interphase by micro-extensometry

The polymer interphase in adhesively bonded metal joints plays an important role concerning the mechanical behaviour and durability under service conditions. Recent investigations have been able to identify a polymer interphase region adjacent to the metal surface with a thickness of up to 100μm where cross linking density and glass transition temperatures differ significantly from those of the bulk polymer due to the long-range influence of the adhesive interactions in the contact zone to the metal surface. In a joint research project the mechanical behaviour of the interphase region has been investigated by microextensometry using scanning electron microscopy as an imaging device and computational image analysis.

Is there life on other planets?

In my August column I suggested that we have robbed our children’s children of daylight, or at least of the ability to turn night into day. This month I will...