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Obituary - Ian Bottomley

It was with regret that the tragic death of Ian Bottomley was reported to the SPF committee at the last assembled meeting in October 2008.
Progressive damage and lap joint residual strength predictions

Adhesion and adhesives at the University of Surrey

The four main areas of activity in the field of adhesion and adhesives at the University of Surrey are outlined: structural adhesive bonding; pressure-sensitive adhesive research; the interfacial chemistry of adhesion; and smart adhesive research.
Formation of a void in a rubbery particle

Toughening epoxy resins to meet today's challenges

There are many advantages that polymeric adhesives can offer compared to the more traditional methods of joining, but the structure of such thermosetting adhesives also generally results in brittle materials, with a poor resistance to crack initiation and growth. The incorporation of a second phase of dispersed rubbery particles into the epoxy polymer can greatly increase toughness for applications where a very high impact resistance is required for the adhesively-bonded joint.

Daylight robbery – Greenhouse gases and the depletion of the Earth's resources

Mentioning Pascal's Wager in a discussion of global warming in my July column has resulted in a flurry of e-mails (as a reminder, Pascal suggested that is was advisable to...