Save energy, save money — energy management

Energy management is a task of growing importance in materials processing, but there is no structure for measurement, assessment and prediction. Dr Robin Kent, Managing Director of Tangram Technology Ltd, a UK consultant engineering firm specialising in energy management in plastics processing offers hints on how to measure and minimise energy use.

Under the microscope — polarising microscope use to investigate building materials

How a polarising microscope is used to investigate the fabric and mineralogy of concrete as a building material.

Wait in gold — delays to Romanian mining

A gold mining project in Romania has been delayed for over eight years. Fergus Anckorn, Technical Director of global consultants AMEC Earth & Environmental, presents his view of the situation arguing that NGOs have unduly held up the process.

Metallurgy and Iran's atomic power

'Dawn of a new nuclear age’ was a headline in the Guardian on 22 March. Supporting evidence for this renaissance was the fact that a Masters course on nuclear technology...

Running a mine with a mouse — modern mine monitoring

Neil Battison, Electrical Engineer at UK Coal’s Daw Mill Colliery, reports on the move to a new mine operating system.