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Light pollution

In the September column, I described my disappointment when I learned that my grandchildren and their contempories had never consciously viewed the Milky Way, and indeed had not fully appreciated...

Magnesium for motoring

Comparing the performance of magnesium to other metals in car components. The Jaguar XF's instrument panel and its associated components are carried by a magnesium cross car beam. Without this beam the instrument panel would not be possible in its current form.

Comparing nuclear power in France and England

My reaction on hearing that the state-owned French electricity company EDF had purchased UK nuclear company British Energy (BE) was a mixture of pleasure and pain. The former arose because...

Containing carbon - carbon capture and storage

A report on carbon capture and storage as part of the energy materials series from Materials UK. There are three main technologies available - post-combustion, oxy-combustion and pre-combustion - all of which are being considered for use in the UK.

Turning the heat on - the Centre for Structural Ceramics

The Departments of Materials and Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, UK, have been awarded roughly £5.5m by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to set up a national Centre for Structural Ceramics we discuss the plans.