A very green strategy - Sustainable packaging

Greenshare is a system that is designed to collect, analyse and control environmental outputs relating to packaging in order to build a sustainable economic, environmental and resource management strategy, and to measure this information against environmental legislation if and when it is enforced.

Secure Heritage - The Bath stone mines

Ashley Poulter, former Supervising Engineer at Scott Wilson Mining, UK talks about stabilising the Bath stone mines. He discusses some of the ideas for supporting and filling in underground mineshafts, such as concrete infilling, steel bracing and cogging.

Back to nature – Biomimetics inspire ecological materials

Self organisation and self-assembling features of natural structures can be a source of inspiration for reducing the carbon footprint of future sustainable technological materials.

One small step for titanium - applications for silicon carbide fibre reinforced titanium composites

Manufacturing company TISCIS explores the high compressive strength and corrosion resistance of titanium composites used in the production of parts for the European aerospace industry.