Let there be light - the use of polycarbonates in architectural panels

Polycarbonates weigh 50% less than glass and have high strength and elasticity, and coatings can be used to increase their heat insulation and reflection properties. The use of panels made by Bayer Sheet Europe for the roofing of a shopping centre atrium in Naples is described.

Liquid movements - the interaction between water and building materials

The absorption mechanisms of water into brick, stone and concrete are discussed together with factors that control evaporation and drying processes in buildings. The use of sorptivity measurements for future design standards is considered.

The good old ways - traditional building materials are coming back into favour

Traditional materials are increasingly being used due to their low environmental impact. Earth building methods discussed include cob, wattle and daub, clay and dabbins, wychart and rammed earth and chalk and other materials include hemp and lime, and a current research projects include the production of hemp/lime masonry blocks.

Uranium gathering - the MinSouth 29th Commodity Meeting, November 2006

Details are given of the papers presented at the meeting, which focused on processing and in situ leaching methods and environmental remediation programmes.