The quest for new materials - Searching for lead-free piezoelectrics

Piezoelectric materials involve the generation of an electrical potential in response to applied mechanical pressure, and are used in the construction of as actuators and sensors. Researchers are seeking lead-free alternatives using a high-throughput combichem thin film approach.

New mine for old - New mining technology improves mine development

New technologies are being employed in mining to fast-track mining production recovery processes from minimal capital investment. Michael Forrest talks to Chris Berlet, CEO of Columbia Metals,Toronto, Canada, about a technology that has revived the Lluvia de Oro mine in Sonora State, Mexico.

Sparkling progress - New processing methods make more materials work as thin films

Developments in processing technique have made more materials available for use in thin films. The expanding options are considered.

Hidden depths - Depth profiling of organic thin films

Engineering thin organic films and producing layers of known composition is critical to industry. A range of techniques can be employed to determine the depth distribution and build a profile of elements within a material.