On the up - Minerals exploration budget increases

The spending budget for metals and minerals exploration in 2007 reached record levels. This may be attributed to the rising costs of drilling, fuel and geologist's services, but also represents a substantial rise in exploration activity on the ground.

Look from the past - Traditional brick manufacturing methods

Advances in manufacturing technology for machine bricks have led to reduced costs and more efficient production techniques. The Director of York Handmade Brick Company, UK, explains the enduring popularity of handmade bricks for their aesthetic value.

Powder Performance - Dry powder impregnation technique

A new dry powder impregnantion technique involves charging powder particles which are then impregnated into different materials to enable the creation of new products thus reducing the cost and the ecological footprint.

A question of life or death – Radiation caused by atmospheric testing and Jesuit involvement in seismic stations

Following my August column, I am introducing another mathematical anecdote. In 1920 in the Ukraine, the Russian physicist Igor Tamm was captured by a band of Nestor Makhno supporters who...

New mine for old - New mining technology improves mine development

New technologies are being employed in mining to fast-track mining production recovery processes from minimal capital investment. Michael Forrest talks to Chris Berlet, CEO of Columbia Metals,Toronto, Canada, about a technology that has revived the Lluvia de Oro mine in Sonora State, Mexico.