Summit to smile about - Starpack's new strategic business conference

IOP: The Packaging Society has relaunched the Starpack Summit 2008 to provide a strategic insight into consumer-led packaging quandaries and solutions affecting the consumer, retailer, brand owner, designer, and packaging and material supplier.

Hidden depths - Depth profiling of organic thin films

Engineering thin organic films and producing layers of known composition is critical to industry. A range of techniques can be employed to determine the depth distribution and build a profile of elements within a material.

The quest for new materials - Searching for lead-free piezoelectrics

Piezoelectric materials involve the generation of an electrical potential in response to applied mechanical pressure, and are used in the construction of as actuators and sensors. Researchers are seeking lead-free alternatives using a high-throughput combichem thin film approach.

Secure Heritage - The Bath stone mines

Ashley Poulter, former Supervising Engineer at Scott Wilson Mining, UK talks about stabilising the Bath stone mines. He discusses some of the ideas for supporting and filling in underground mineshafts, such as concrete infilling, steel bracing and cogging.

Functional films - Thin film technological breakthrough

A consequence of recent developments in microelectronics, optics and nanotechnology is a demand for wear resistant coatings and the enhanced functionality of conductive films. Thin films are key to the production of new materials and devices using this technology.