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Back to nature – Biomimetics inspire ecological materials

Self organisation and self-assembling features of natural structures can be a source of inspiration for reducing the carbon footprint of future sustainable technological materials.

Can we fix it? - self-healing matrix resins enhance structural health of composite materials

Self-healing matrix resins can enhance the structural health of composites. Researchers are developing a feedback loop for self repair.

Firing on all cylinders - carbon nanotube-based composites

Researchers are examining the outstanding physical properties, in terms of strength, elastic stiffness and thermal and electrical conductive applications of carbon nanotube composites.

Holding its own - Invention and commercialisation of self-reinforced polymer composites

Self-reinforced polymer composites offer lightweight, impact resistant and recyclable materials.

Flying high - Nadcap composites accreditation programme

The Nadcap composites accreditation programme is designed to provide continual improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries by using a process of specific job audits to gain from global industry knowledge.