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Capillary extrusion rheometer

A timely delivery – Computer modelling aides pharmaceutical applications

Computer technology developed for the production of solid gun and rocket propellants has been tailored to enable pharmaceutical pills to be released in multiple applications.

In reserve - Ore reserves reporting standards

A look at the process to set standards in the reporting of ore reserves around the world, and the effort to ensure that mining reports issued by companies are accurate.

Coded messages - Mining codes

In the early 1990s many countries, particularly developing nations, modified their mining codes to stimulate international investment and reversing the policy of nationalisation. To achieve investment today, it is necessary to develop an effective mining code with the state as the facilitator and regulator.

What’s up doc? – Nanoparticles for molecular diagnostics

The need for improved and earlier diagnoses has fuelled the demand to create detection systems and miniturised devices that use molecular nanoparticles for diagnostics.