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In the can - Aerosols 2007 Congress and Exhibition

John Bigley, Chairman of the British Aerosol Manufacturers Association (BAMA), discusses new industry developments in packaging and the need to meet legislation requiring manufacturers to minimise risks asscociated with employing chemicals during production.

What’s up doc? – Nanoparticles for molecular diagnostics

The need for improved and earlier diagnoses has fuelled the demand to create detection systems and miniturised devices that use molecular nanoparticles for diagnostics.

Cast away – Articulated materials

Articulated materials can be used to support injured body parts bringing splint and brace support, immobilising and protecting limb fractures.

In reserve - Ore reserves reporting standards

A look at the process to set standards in the reporting of ore reserves around the world, and the effort to ensure that mining reports issued by companies are accurate.

Risky business - Risk-based design for medical products

Ken Hall, of electronic design company Triteq considers the challenges of complying with the EU Medical Device Directive, when designing safety critical systems for medical products.