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A shocking revelation – The conflict between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse

‘Pylons, those pillars Bare like nude, giant girls that have no secrets'

A developing attraction - Responsive Mode funding for magnetic research

Presenting the challenges of magnetic materials research and associated funding opportunities.

Wall-to-wall - magnetic properties of nanostructures

Research into the magnetic properties of nanostructures, and the application of nanomagnetism on hard disc drive (HDD) magnetic information storage systems, diagnostics, controlled drug delivery. Methods used include magnetic imaging and modelling as well as characterisation.

The new iron age - Iron ore price trends

As iron ore underpins the steel manufacturing industry and the global economy. Here we consider recent trends in production and pricing.

To the extreme - Magnetic materials under extreme conditions

The development of novel magnetic materials that can be used in extreme environments requires a number of measurement techniques that can determine the properties for conditions of use.