Steven Poulton's mining exploration ventures

Steven Poulton, winner of the Young Achiever of the Year Mining Journal award in 2006, talks about being a player in the minerals resource sector.

Aluminium – from cans to cars

To meet proposed European regulations on carbon emissions produced by road transport, the weight of vehicles is being reduced. To reduce costs aluminium is being used by manufacturers as it takes much less energy to recycle than to produce. Old aluminium beverage cans and post-consumer scrap is being turned into aluminium sheet to create a new generation of affordable, low carbon cars that meet the desired safety and durablity standards.

Bright future for aluminium - China's increased aluminium demand

As China's economy grows it has led the world in primary aluminium consumption, the expansion of the countries transport sector and increased use of aluminium semis or interim products and automotive body structures has driven increased demand.

Twenty-first century metal in transition - titanium reduces automotive weight

The lightweight, high strength biocompatibility and unmatched corrosion resistance attributes of titanium components can be used to replace other metals. Electrochemical reduction processes are reducing production costs making the metal cheaper and more widely available.

Grinding them down - mineral grinding technologies

Three mill types have been developed - Tower, IsaMill and Detritor which are designed to reduce the enormous energy requirements needed by mills to produce the fine and ultra fine grinding that enables metals to be recovered from minerals.