A model of strength - designing composite structures for energy absorption

Design issues are discussed in relation to modelling studies carried out the University of Limerick for two EU Framework projects on aircraft component design. The studies examined the energy absorption and damage behaviour of a helicopter subfloor structure and a continuum damage mechanics approach to modelling leading edge wing structures.

Searching for steel - Moly Mines Copper-Molybdenum project, Pilbara, Australia

Exploration drilling at the Spinifex Ridge project has identified measured resources of 187 Mt at 0.07% Mo, 0.1% Cu and 1.8 g/t Ag and a bankable feasibility study is being completed. The prospects are discussed in relation to increasing demand for Mo in stainless and other steels.

The fabric of life - new textile digital printing centre at Manchester University

The centre was opened in October 2006 and is part of the Textiles and Paper department within the School of Materials. The facility includes inkjet fabric printers, dedicated workstations and CAD/CAM software, and the printers can output designs created in various CAD packages.
AFM image of the tribofilm resulting from the addition of 1.2% zink dialkyl dithio phosphate (anti-wear additive) plus one per cent total base number detergent plus one per cent friction modifier

Tackling tribology - new journal will cover processes occurring at tribological interfaces

A new journal, Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces , will be published by IOM3 and Maney Publishing in 2007 and will include a range of multidisciplinary papers covering a broad spectrum of engineering tribology and applications. The first issue will cover the use of advanced surface analysis techniques for boundary lubricated surfaces.