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A question of life or death – Radiation caused by atmospheric testing and Jesuit involvement in seismic stations

Following my August column, I am introducing another mathematical anecdote. In 1920 in the Ukraine, the Russian physicist Igor Tamm was captured by a band of Nestor Makhno supporters who...

Bringing power to the people – The disorder surrounding Britain’s electrical power industry

I ended my last column by asking how it came about that our electrical power industry, as it evolved in the decade and a half before and after the turn...

A shocking revelation – The conflict between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse

‘Pylons, those pillars Bare like nude, giant girls that have no secrets'

The numbers game – Degrees of separation and mathematical quirks

My article in the April 2007 issue of Materials World on the average number of acquaintances between any two random individuals has stimulated more interest than anything I have written...