Aspects of aluminium - European Aluminium Award 2006

At the European Aluminium Award in 2006 an international jury met in Essen, Germany to assess entries and select winners after considering criteria on materials original and functional use, product functionality, design solutions, recyclability, durable lifecycle costing, and the representational and promotional value of aluminium.

Black magic - the materials science application of abradable coatings

The Surface Engineering Group at Rolls-Royce, has developed a freestanding coating test process. This method for producing thermally sprayed coating data is designed to show how materials science can be applied to the 'black art' of abradable coatings.

Energy efficient extrusion - Polymer extrusion control and measurement

A real-time measurement and control system utilising intelligent 'soft sensor' technology has been designed to improve the polymer extrusion method used in the manufacture thermoplastic products. The ultimate aim is to develop an overall control strategy for a polymer extrusion plant that will quickly optimise the process of creating high performance polymers.

Unearthing the potential - Largest Madagascan mining exploration licence granted

Pan African Mining Corporation has aquired the largest exploration holding in Madagascar. The Canadian based company has recognised the untapped mining potential and together with new government legislation has implemented advanced projects to exploit the country's reserves.

Mad about materials - David Bott chief executive of Materials UK

David Bott talks about his new role as Chief Executive of Materials UK and his previous career in the world of materials. He also discusses the aims of the organisation, his initial interest in materials, past projects that he has worked on and the importance of materials on design.