European Young Engineering Conference 2012 Holland - engineering connections

1 Aug 2012

The IOM3 Younger Members' Committee attended the European Young Engineering (EYE) conference, hosted by Dutch Space in Leiden, the Netherlands. The conference targeted young engineers as a professional development and networking event.


There were presentations from keynote speakers followed by a number of workshops from senior executives to young professionals, sharing their skills and knowledge with the next generation of young engineers.

Engineers from across Europe attended the event. Faris Ustamujic, of Dutch Space and conference president, welcomed guests to the event. I attended a number of workshops and experienced a great mic of theoretical work and practical excercises.

A highlight was the workshop on innovation. I believe this subject is close to all young engineers' hearts and all young engineers feel that they can contribute to sustain our engineering profession.

As a member of the IOM3 Younger Members' Committee, I also participated in the core EYE members' meeting, the EYE Council. I signed the accessions agreement on behalf of IOM3, thereby awarding IOM3 full membership of EYE organisation. Thanks to the EYE Holland 2012 organising team.