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Diploma in Packaging Technology Onsite Course

11 Nov 2019 - 8 Apr 2020, Grantham, United Kingdom

This is an intensive 15-day course (five sessions of three days), plus essential self-directed study in your own time. The course is assessed by formal examination and assessed project work. This popular course is held in a range of packaging locations across the UK. The course combines classroom activity and self-directed study, offering students the opportunity to cover the Diploma syllabus in a relatively short time..Further information >

New applications for advanced engineering plastics

12 Nov 2019, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Today, advanced engineering plastics and composites are being used in a wide range of industries to replace metals in many safety-critical applications. If you are a manufacturer considering using plastics...Full information >

From Wearables to Concrete - Applications of Graphene and 2D materials

12 Nov 2019, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Lecture by Ana Neves of Exeter University on the practical applications of grapheneFull information >

New applications for advanced engineering plastics

IOM3 Supported

12 Nov 2019, Great Abington, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The seminar will address novel applications where plastics have been used in very demanding environments, including medical, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas and additive manufacturingFull information >

Steel Requirements for Electric Vehicles

12 Nov 2019, Sheffield, United Kingdom

SMEA evening lectureFull information >


13 Nov 2019, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Expanding on the knowledge learnt from our other ceramic whitewares training modules, this module will focus on the fundamental ceramic calculations that underpin both body and glaze preparation. The module...Full information >


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