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Investigating and Prevention of Failure in Rubber Components

21 May 2020, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Rubber materials find uses in many engineering applications where reliable and consistent performance is critically important. The failure of such materials can often have damaging and expensive consequences, therefore understanding the cause can assist in rectifying the issue, limiting the damage and avoiding future failures.Further information >

Mass Timber Academy - Glue Laminated Timbers

28 May 2020, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Glue laminated timbers are the theme for this session.Full information >

Management Skills: Project Management Skills

4 Jun 2020, Grantham, United Kingdom

Anyone with little or no knowledge of project management tools or techniques but who has become involved with projects and needs to acquire a basic understanding, in the shortest possible time.Further information >

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RubberCon 2020

Supported by IOM3

4 Jun 2020 - 5 Jun 2020, Paris, France

RubberCon 2020 will have a focus around "Environment and Recycling: A Strategic Challenge for Rubber Materials"Full information >

POSTPONED - Matopoly: Birmingham

Organised by the IOM3 Younger Members' Committee

6 Jun 2020, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Younger Members' Committee Matopoly event: Birmingham in June 2020Full information >

Polymer Study Tours 2020 - Edinburgh Napier University

7 Jun 2020 - 8 Jun 2020, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Free, two-day residential course for 11-19 teachers of Design and Technology designed to improve teachers' knowledge understanding of plastics and the polymer industry.Full information >


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