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International Scientific Conference on Hardwood Processing

28 Aug 2019 - 30 Aug 2019, Delft, Netherlands

The first announcement about the next edition of ISCHP – International Scientific Conference on Hardwood Processing,Full information >

CIE Award

1 Sep 2019, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom

Details and rules to enter the annual CIE Award.Full information >

International Rubber Conference (IRC) 2019

Organised by IOM3/ The Polymer Society

3 Sep 2019 - 5 Sep 2019, London, United Kingdom

Please note new dates.Full information >

Euradh Adhesion

Adhesion '19

Organised by IOM Communications Ltd on behalf of the IOM3 Society for Adhesion and Adhesives

3 Sep 2019 - 5 Sep 2019, Bristol, United Kingdom

14th International Triennial Conference on the Science and Technology of Adhesion and AdhesivesFull information >

Intermediate Two Day Clay Quarry Management Course

3 Sep 2019 - 4 Sep 2019, Measham, United Kingdom

The New Intermediate Two Day Clay Quarry Management course is designed for quarry managers to demonstrate competence in accordance with the 1999 Quarry Regulations.Further information >

Materials Testing and Non-Destructive Testing 2019

Cosponsored by IOM3

3 Sep 2019 - 5 Sep 2019, Telford, UK, United Kingdom

Materials Testing 2019 and NDT will take place from 3-5 September in Telford, UK covering a broad range of materials testing and NDT technologies and applications.Full information >

Managing the Environmental Impact of Plastics

4 Sep 2019, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

The course will cover important technical, societal and regulatory areas associated with the impact of plastics on the environment. Its broad subject range will not, however, include an overview of eco-toxicity or include biological impact and the course’s emphasis will tend towards the regulatory and material science aspects of the subject.Further information >


4 Sep 2019, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

This course will provide a basic understanding of how ceramic sanitaryware and tiles are made, the various categories, regulatory requirements, performance tests, installation and service performance issues.Full information >

CHANGE OF DATE*** Future of Mining EMEA

IOM3 Supported

4 Sep 2019 - 5 Sep 2019, London, United Kingdom

The conference will cover a vast range of content spanning right across the entire mining life cycle with automation, technology, development and sustainability at its core, focusing on the challenges ahead as mining begins to look beyond the now and plan for the future.Full information >

MetPlant 2019

9 Sep 2019 - 10 Sep 2019, Perth, Australia

AusIMM is hosting MetPlant 2019 on 10-11 September 2019. This is an excellent opportunity for you to present your latest developments and innovations in plant design, optimisation and operations to...Full information >