Deadline: Friday 16 December 2022

Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts of up to 300 words for consideration for the programme. The abstract must provide sufficient information for a fair assessment including the objective of the paper, the methodology used and the conclusions or results of the work. The abstract must be written in English.

Speaker Registration

A condition of acceptance will be that one author from each paper will attend the conference and present the work. Authors will be required to register and pay the registration fee, otherwise the paper may be removed from the proceedings.

This conference will focus on the use of elastomers and elastomeric materials for a wide range of products and applications and will be spread over two days. There are seven themes:

  • Elastomer Product Innovations including the following sectors: Agriculture; Medical; Sport, leisure and consumer products; Energy generation including nuclear; Latex products; Electric vehicles; NVH Challenges; Extreme temperature, pressure or environment applications and Other novel emerging applications

  • Material developments including: Polymers with a focus on novel or speciality elastomers, elastomers for extreme conditions, thermoplastic elastomers, functionalised elastomers, self-healing elastomers and elastomer foams and gels; fillers and additives including nanoscale or functionalised fillers; novel and innovative materials

  • Material processing including: Smart manufacturing (industry 4.0); Process Innovation; Additive manufacture; Cure chemistry and kinetics; Rubber mixing

  • Sustainability including: Bio-derived materials; Materials recycling; Reduced carbon emissions during manufacture and in service

  • Characterisation and testing of materials and products including: Thermal and viscoelastic behaviour; Failure mechanisms including ageing, fatigue and chemical degradation; Lifetime prediction

  • Modelling including: Constitutive modelling of the materials and product design; Tribology, friction and wear; Process modelling and optimisation; Systems design

  • Smart materials including: Strain or environment sensing; Actuation; Electro active polymers; Soft robotics; Intelligent traceability in product development

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Deadline Friday 16 December 2022

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