Development of Novel Plasma Surface Engineering Technologies for Multi-Functional Surfaces

8 Mar 2018
University of Birmingham

Birmingham Metallurgical Association Lecture

Professor Hashan Dong - University of Birmingham

Multi-functional surfaces underpin the technological innovations in many high-tech industrial sectors to meet ever-increasing requirement for demanding applications. To this end, new plasma surface engineering technologies have been developed at Birmingham Surface Engineering Research Group (BSERG) to generate novel multi-functional surfaces for a variety of challenging applications. This talk will start with a brief introduction to BSERG, followed by the recent development of advanced active-screen plasma and innovative triple-glow plasma surface engineering technologies.

The potential of these new plasma technologies will be demonstrated by way of example including active-screen plasma surface activation of bio-polymers for enhanced biocompatibility and carbon fibres for enhanced fibre/matrix interface bonding; active-screen plasma low-temperature reduction of graphene oxide; plasma co-alloying with nitrogen and silver and/or copper to generate long-lasting anti-bacterial surfaces for medical and food processing devices; plasma hybrid co-alloying and deposition of N, Ag, Nb and Pt to produce highly corrosion resistant and low interfacial contact resistance surfaces for fuel cell bipolar plates; and triple-glow plasma activation and deposition of nanoparticles on nano fibres for electrical energy storage devices.


6.00 for 6.30pm


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Small Lecture Theatre DG20
School of Metallurgy and Materials
University of Birmingham
United Kingdom
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