Public Lecture: Lean, Mean and Green: The World's First Environmentally Friendly Racing Car

15 Dec 2009

A Public Lecture by Dr Kerry Kirwan, University of Warwick, UK

7.00pm 1 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DB

The new WorldFirstracecar is a clever piece of lateral thinking. It is the first Formula3 racing car designed and made from sustainable and renewablematerials, putting the world first by effectively managing the planet'sresources.
Dr Kirwan will actively demonstrate in a lively public lecture how thisjoined up approach of apparently disparate arts, sciences andengineering can result in something ground breaking like the WorldFirst F3 racing car - a much more environmentally friendly vehicle thanmost road cars, let alone racing vehicles. Being green does not meanbeing boring or stepping back in time!



Dr Kerry Kirwan is a specialist in polymer processing and automotive applications. He has more recently specialised in environmentally friendly materials, being awarded a £1.3m WIMRC grant for ‘Wealth out of Waste’, a highly multidisciplinary programme aiming to develop a truly novel bioreactor system that utilises waste agricultural products and biological systems to create high value products such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, plastics etc. He has also received a prestigious Challenging Engineering grant from EPSRC for his Sustainable Materials - A Global Challenge programme.

Dr Kerry Kirwan is an engaging and enthusiastic young engineer, whose ability to excite and stimulate minds is encouraged by his passion for his subject. Dr Kirwan has regularly engaged in public science activities through his position within WMG, but is perhaps most recognised for ‘EcoOne’ - the environmentally friendly racing car and his biodegradable ‘Sunflower Phone’ that allows mobile phone users to grow plants from their discarded mobile phone cases through the encapsulation of a small seed in a visible window and subsequently prompting them to dispose of the electronics in a responsible manner.


Launch of NNFCC Thematic Working Group on Composite Materials

The public lecture will be followed by a presentation and launch of the new NNFCC Thematic Working Group on Composite Materials, presented by John Williams of NNFCC at 8pm, who will invite you to join the Composites Thematic Working Group and bring biocomposites to the mainstream.

•    The NNFCC’s Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) bring together the whole supply chain to actively address opportunities and barriers to the uptake of renewable products.
•    We work directly with the UK Government Departments DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) and Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)
•    We facilitate the Renewable Materials LINK programme
•    Our TWGs represent the fundamental science base, agriculture, manufacturers, processors, end users and government. They act as a recognised focal point to facilitate technology, identify barriers to further market development and represent a harmonised industry voice proposing strategies to overcome these hurdles.
•    By joining the Composites TWG at this early stage you will be able to help set the agenda for the group and define its aims and key activities.

John Williams is NNFCC’s Technology Transfer Manager for renewable polymers. He is responsible for identifying and helping develop market opportunities in renewable polymers and also the bulk and commodity chemical markets e.g. biosolvents. This involves supporting many aspects such as supply chains, manufacture and marketing as well as post use issues e.g. recycling and disposal. Another dimension to John's remit is sustainable construction materials made from renewable materials. John is a chartered chemist and an experienced industrial technical manager, having worked extensively in product and process development for both multinational and SME organisations in the adhesives and polymer coatings industry. His most recent development work was involved in the formulation and testing of compostable film laminating and pressure sensitive adhesives. John’s degree was in Chemistry, and he completed a PhD in Adhesion to difficult surfaces (plastics) at the University of Leeds. He is a Professional Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Society of Chemical Industry, the Institute of Directors, the European Chemical Society, and is a Chartered Chemist.

Dr John Williams
+44(0)1904 435182 

Refreshments will follow


This evening is free to attend, but pre-registration is advisable, as numbers are limited. If you would like to attend, please email Dawn Bonfield in order to book your place, stating 'Public Lecture - 15 December' as the subject of your email.

Natural Fibres '09

This Public Lecture is part of the series of activities organised as part of Natural Fibres '09, a three day international conference to celebrate the International Year of Natural Fibres. For further information regarding Natural Fibres '09, see the event website.



This Public Lecture is sponsored by DECC, the Department of Climate Change, to whom we are very grateful for their support.

Venue and booking

Event Location: 
1 Carlton House Terrace
United Kingdom
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Dawn Bonfield
00 44 1438 821740

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