Netzsch webinar: Intelligent Seals

28 Nov 2019

Netzsch technical webinar: Intelligent Seals - How Self-Monitoring Rubber Seals Can help To Avoid Expensive Leakage Damage, Reduce Downtime and Improve Lifespan

Sealing elements undergo continuous changes in operating and environmental conditions. They are subject to natural, thermo-oxidative or mechanical aging processes and must be replaced after a certain time. The condition for cost efficiency is that a sealing gasket should be used over its entire service life without having to invest in complex and expensive monitoring systems.

The simplest and smartest monitoring system is usually already present: the reinforcing filler, which can be electrically conductive. Successful implementation requires knowledge of the exact correlation between the mechanical and dielectric properties of the final product. The key to understanding these correlations lies in the application of the simultaneous DMA and DEA using DiPLEXOR® 500 N.    

This webinar takes place at 3pm UK time.



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United Kingdom

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