Fire Performance of FRP Composites

29 Jan 2019

IOM3 Supported

The National Composites Centre and Composites UK will be holding an event on the topic of Fire Performance of FRP Composites.

The performance of composite materials in fire is a key enabler / barrier to potential growth markets such as construction, rail, marine, aerospace and oil & gas.

With the appropriate choice of resin, additives, fillers and coatings, fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites can be used to make structures with clear fire performance benefits over many other materials, in addition to other benefits such as weight reduction or corrosion resistance. FRP composites are also good thermal insulators, so they can significantly limit the heat of a fire spreading in the way that can occur with metals. This event will seek to share up-to-date information on material developments and applications where fire performance is an issue, as well as addressing potential markets and related standards and regulations.

Call for papers are now open and registration for this event will open once the date and venue has been confirmed. Please check event page for more information.

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United Kingdom
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