Development of Elektron Magnesium Alloys for Commercial Aircraft Seat Components

25 Jan 2018
University of Birmingham

Birmingham Metallurgical Association Lecture

Dr Dominic Henry - Luxfer MEL Technologies (previously known as Magnesium Elektron Limited)

Aluminium and magnesium might be expected to be two very similar metals, but aluminium alloy use has by far dominated that of magnesium over the last 100 years. New magnesium alloys are, however, now being actively considered for engineering applications.

For example, as a result of successful flammability safety testing, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and various aerospace specification committees have recently altered their previously restrictive stance on magnesium usage in aircraft interiors and revised SAE Aerospace Specification 8049 to allow magnesium to be used once again in aircraft seats.

In recent years, Magnesium Elektron brought Mettis Aerospace (forging experts), Kenard Engineering (machining capability) and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, together with Italian based aircraft seat manufacturer Geven to develop a lightweight forged magnesium aircraft seat component.

The project produced two lightweight magnesium forged & machined demonstrator components in a finished condition that can be retrofitted to an existing design or incorporated in a newly designed aircraft seat that give at least a 19% weight saving by component. The new components were tested by Geven and passed he demanding 16g dynamic test.

The forged Elektron magnesium alloy demonstrated excellent dry machinability and offers better isotropy of properties that exteriors, and potential weight savings 20% when compared with conventional medium strength aluminium alloys.

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