Carbon Capture and Climate Engineering

15 Feb 2018
Newcastle upon Tyne

North of England Institute of Mining & Mechanical Engineers Meeting

Dr Nils Markusson

CCS involves capturing CO2 from the flue gases (or processes) of, for example, fossil-fuelled power plants, and storing it underground. This could help reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and so help mitigate against global warming. The CO2 could also be captured directly from the atmosphere (at greater cost), which would be classified as a Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) technology, and form of Climate Geoengineering.

As we have already emitted a large amount of greenhouse gases, this could help remediate that problem. A potentially cheaper, but much more uncertain solution to the climate change problem would be to change the albedo od the planet, to make it reflect more radiation back into space. Such Solar Radiation Management could potentially be achieved for, for example, by injecting particles into stratospheric clouds.

These technologies are at very different stages of development, but none has been implemented at scale. They are all also controversial, and it is interesting to compare the similarities and differences across the technologies of those controversies.

About the Speaker

Nils Markusson has a background in both engineering and sociology. He is currently a lecturer at Lancaster University, researching the politics and debates around technical fixes to environmental problems. Nils has spent the last decade working on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology and more recently on Climate Geoengineering.

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5.30pm - tea & coffee

6.00pm - lecture

7.00pm - cash bar


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The Mining Institute
Neville Hall
Westgate Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
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