UK Thermophysical Properties Measurement Leadership Forum

15 Oct 2019

This free-to-attend workshop will gather specialists in thermophysical properties measurements, and material developers and designers of thermal management systems in UK advanced manufacturing sectors. We will collect the current and future measurement needs including:

  • Point of reference and traceability to underpin the reliability of thermophysical properties measurements with low uncertainties, and to support the implementation of government policies and legislations,

  • Accurate characterisation of material thermophysical properties under a wide range of conditions (e.g. extreme temperatures and pressures), to enable improvement of modelling, design, processing and material selection,

  • New techniques for characterisation of micro-/nano-scale thermophysical properties of emerging materials to support innovations, and

  • In-situ measurements and fast off-line measurement techniques to enable efficient and effective monitoring and maintenance planning with minimum disruption.


Accurate measurement is crucial to all stages of product development and manufacture. Examples range from understanding material performance under operating conditions to helping an SME work with an OEM to verify an innovative product and gain entry to the supply chain.

NPL is establishing a UK Thermophysical Properties Measurement Leadership Forum that will aim at jointly developing a strategy and roadmap for the area, and more importantly forming a platform for collaboration and formulating collaborative projects to collectively address the challenges facing the UK industry and R&D. The forum is free to join and following the workshop, NPL will circulate to the attendees a summary of the outcomes.


The workshop is open to academia and industry from all levels of the supply chain, industry associations and Catapults / technology institutes. The types of thermophysical properties include thermal conductivity/thermal (contact) resistance; thermal diffusivity; specific heat capacity; thermal expansion, emissivity; and fluid flow properties, e.g. viscosity, density, surface tension, heat flux and heat transfer coefficient.

The workshop will consist of a series of focused talks in the morning, followed by three breakout sessions (tentative, see below) in the afternoon to gather inputs and opinions. There will be opportunities for individual discussions after the event.  

  1. Reliable Thermophysical properties data (e.g. to support modelling, traceability)

  2. New measurement techniques for processes (e.g. in-situ)

  3. New measurement techniques for emerging materials (e.g. nano-/micro scale)

This is a free event but registration is essential by 15 September 2019

An agenda will be provided in due course.

Venue and booking

Event Location: 
Hampton Road
TW11 0LW
United Kingdom
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