22nd European Conference on Fracture – ECF22, Belgrade, Serbia, 2018

26 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018

22nd European Conference on Fracture - ECF22 will be held from 26. to 31. August, 2018. in Belgrade, Serbia. (http://www.ecf22.rs/)

The full title of the conference is "Loading and Environment Effects on Structural Integrity".

Please feel free to submit your Abstracts online before January 31, 2018. (http://www.ecf22.rs/)

The topics to be considered at the ECF 22 should be focused on possible and predictable fracture and failure, considering interrelation between external effects (loading, environment), structure characteristics, component strength and material properties. Safety and reliability problems during operation life, including maintenance and repair, also represent items of great importance for structural integrity. Specifically, applied stress-strain state in critical structural components, induced by acting loading at global level, and affected by stress concentration at the local level should be considered both theoretically and by applying convenient.

In addition to structures of macro to micro scales of commonly used metallic and non-metallic materials, the attention will be paid to the new huge complex structures of civil engineering objects, well exceeding classical objects of macro size, on one side, and nano level structures on the other side. Structural integrity, functionality, reliability and safety of such structures and applied materials require special consideration.

Main Topics 1. Loading Types
  • 1.1 static and quasi-static loading
  • 1.2 cyclic loading of variable amplitudes (high cycle-loading stress; low cycle loading after initial yielding)
  • 1.3 vibrations
  • 1.4 impact and earthquake loading
  • 1.5 combined loading
2. Environment
  • 2.1 corrosion
  • 2.2 high operating temperatures
  • 2.3 temperatures in the range of nil ductility transition and below it
  • 2.4 combined environmental effects
  • 2.5 hydrogen embrittlement
3. Structures
  • 3.1 power plants
  • 3.2 process equipment in petrochemical industry
  • 3.3 welded structures
  • 3.4 different engineering objects
  • 3.5 transportation
4. Materials
  • 4.1 metallic materials
  • 4.2 polymers
  • 4.3 ceramics
  • 4.4 composite materials
  • 4.5 nanomaterials
  • 4.6 biomaterials
Plenary lecturers:
  • Jim Rice, Boston, USA, Perspectives on dynamic fracture arising from study of earthquake ruptures
  • Jovo Jaric, Serbia, Conservation laws of J integral type
  • Youshi Hong, China, The State of the Art in Very-High-Cycle Fatigue Research
  • Uwe Zerbst, Germany, Application of fracture mechanics to S-N curve prediction. Requirements and perspectives
  • Drazan Kozak, Croatia & Nenad Gubeljak, Slovenia, Fracture behavior of wrought and additive manufactured implant’s alloy
  • Yonggang Huang, USA Robert Ritchie, USA, Damage Tolerance in Biological and Metallic Material
  • Takayuki Kitamura, Japan, Challenge toward Nanometer Scale Fracture Mechanics
  • William Curtin, Switzerland, Mechanisms of Hydrogen Embrittlement: Insights from Atomistic Studies
  • Meinhard Kuna, Germany, Micromechanical Modeling of Fracture in Metallic Materials

Siegfried Schmauder & Zeljko Bozic, "Multiscale Damage Analysis of Fatigue and Fracture of Metals"

Vadim Silberschmidt, "Damage and Fracture of Biological and Biomedical Materials"

Filippo Berto and Luca Susmel, "Structural integrity of Additive Manufactured Materials"

PetroYasniy and Liviu Marsavina "Teaching of Structural Integrity"

Jacques Besson, "Numerical Methods in Fracture Mechanics"

Uwe Zerbst, Stefano Beretta, "Defects and fatigue"

Yuri Petrov, Vadim Silberschmid, "Fracture and Structural Transformations under High Rate and Impact Loading"

Peter Trampus, "Non-destructive methods in Fracture Mechanics"

Jose Antonio Correia, Vladimir Moskvichev, "Risk Analysis and Safety of Technical Systems"

Milos Djukic, William Curtin, Zhiliang Zhang, "Recent Advances on Hydrogen Embrittlement Understanding and Future Research Framework"

Giacomo Risitano, "Energy Methods for Fatigue Assessment"

Venue and booking

Event Location: 
Kraljice Marije 16
11000 Belgrade
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The conference is organized by the European Structural Integrity Society and Society for Structural Integrity and Life "Prof. Dr. Stojan Sedmak".

For more details and information please feel free to contact us.