5th HVM New Materials 2019 Conference Summit

6 Nov 2019
Cambridge, UK

IOM3 Supported

The 5th HVM & New Materials 2019 conference summit will bring together technology innovators and entrepreneurs to solve grand challenges.

It will provide a platform for understanding disruptive concepts and investing in, partnering and innovating in various industry sectors, such as:

  • aerospace & defence / space
  • mobility / transport
  • clean energy, energy storage, battery tech & heat transfer
  • electronics & flexible displays
  • sensors & devices
  • healthcare & biomaterial sectors within “industry 4.0” particularly advanced manufacturing, functional materials & composites, digital connectivity and machine intelligence/data.

A platform to discuss how to invest in, fund and grow these opportunities. Who will benefit? What are the risks? What technical issues of deployment exist? What new business models will be used? Over the years, these conference summits have provided forums for discussion among the senior and experienced and those moving up the learning curve.

Members who would like to attend can call 01223393500 or email the conference organiser at events@cir-strategy.com mentioning the term IOM3 to recieve a discounted price. The payment link will then be sent to them with this discount.


Venue and booking

Event Location: 
United Kingdom