12th China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2017

6 Dec 2017 - 7 Dec 2017
Shanghai, China

This event is supported by IOM3.

China Gold & Precious Metals Summit is an annual gold and precious metals gathering for knowledge sharing and partnership opportunities officially endorsed by the China Gold Association and the Shanghai Gold Exchange and organized by IGVision International Corporation Shanghai.

This year, the 12th China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2017 again will be gathering 250+ top professionals from across the precious metals fraternity including producers, refiners, bullion dealers, exchanges, mints, bullion banks, central banks, brokers, fund managers, vaults, shippers, jewelers, consultancies, market data vendors, and regulators, etc.

Now in its 12th year, the conference will pay close attention to China's efforts to secure steady mine production, demand prospects and market development for precious metals, the ambitious but gradual moves of mine investment and international cooperation by the Chinese leading gold producers, and price outlook and supply & demand picture for the precious metals complex in an environment of Fed tightening, a struggling US dollar, resilient equities, higher bond yields, a hawkish shift among major central banks, and simmering political and economic uncertainty.

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To register for the event, please contact Ms Livia Jin via livia.jin@igvision.com