About us

What is EABS?

EABS is not a Trade Association but an independent technical association that is managed by a committee elected from among its Members. The sole objective of the association is the promotion of ‘best practice’ brazing. As a result, our Members include users of brazing and soldering technology, and suppliers of the necessary consumables and process equipment.

When was EABS formed?

EABS was initially created in 1971 as the British Association for Brazing and Soldering under the acronym BABS.

In recognition of the fact that by 1997, BABS had become widely involved with companies within the European Union, and since there was no organisation within mainland Europe that provide the range services and training programmes that we offered, the Members decided that it was appropriate for to change its name to represent its increasing involvement with brazing technology throughout the EU. BABS therefore changed its name to the European Association for Brazing and Soldering - EABS.

In spring 2016 EABS merged with the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining where it is now a technical group within the Surface Engineering Division.

What is our primary objective?

We had recognised in the early 1970s that those manufacturing industries that were using brazing as their preferred joining method were actively seeking precisely focussed, commercially neutral, technical help for many of their existing processes and, particularly, for new development projects.

EABS was created in order to provide such assistance to Industry by such means as:

  1. Technical training programmes that are custom-designed to meet the needs of a particular company,
  2. On-site technical consultancy by EABS specialists, and
  3. An ongoing series of Annual Seminars and ‘hands on’ practical training courses.

Naturally, all of these services are available to Member and non-Members alike, but Members receive a substantial discount on the charges that necessarily arise. Finally, and following contact with The EABS Secretariat, we are always willing to discuss the technical details of brazing problems with companies who have a problem and who are giving active consideration to joining EABS.

The current programme, and the range of practical training courses that we offer will be found shortly on this site/the IOM3 Training Academy site.

The success of the training programmes that the Association offers bears witness to the fact that even in the current economic climate the need for the advice that EABS can offer is ongoing. However, and of fundamental importance from the client’s point of view is the fact that it is an ‘article of faith’ of the Association that any advice that we provide remains strictly confidential between EABS and the client, and is never discussed with, or passed on to, third parties.