• Dealing with plastic waste

    The amount of single-use plastic material littering the countryside, rivers, and oceans has stirred plenty of emotion in recent months. But, what can be done to change this? Stuart Patrick* investigates.
  • Mining’s part in Ethiopia’s boom

    Michael Schwartz looks at the rise of Ethiopia’s mining sector and profiles some of the companies that help create the country’s exceptional growth.
  • Shale at the forefront

    An EU-backed project has developed a set of best practices to analyse short- and long-term environmental risks of shale gas exploration, as Dr Catherine Isherwood explains.
  • Made for demanding environments

    Developing materials that can withstand the harsh realities of the environments they are used in remains a significant challenge. The UK’s Henry Royce Institute, a diverse group of universities and organisations, aims to change this through the M4DE concept, as Michael Preuss and Freyja Peters explain.
  • The natural approach to carbon capture and storage

    Architect Peter Wilson takes a closer look at the natural approach to carbon capture and storage in the UK, and argues that the importance of trees should not be forgotten.
  • Is the resource curse real?

    Is it true that countries with an abundance of natural resources have less economic growth, less democracy, and worse development outcomes than countries with fewer natural resources? Rhiannon Garth Jones investigates.
  • Inspection on the surface level

    Materials World magazine, September 2017
  • Funding R&D

    Materials World magazine, September 2017
  • Getting to the centre of corrosion

    Materials World magazine, September 2017
  • Q&A with George Winning on corrosion testing

    Natalie Daniels talks to George Winning about his work in corrosion testing from the common causes and testing methodologies through to prevention and material selection.