• Wireless bridge sensor powered by traffic vibrations

    Materials World magazine
    A novel wireless sensor for use on bridges can be powered by the vibrations of vehicles passing overhead. The device, made from piezoelectronics, measures temperature, humidity, light and pressure, and could function for years without requiring maintenance or battery replacement.
  • refuelling with nanofuels

    Exploring nanofuels

    Materials World magazine
    Nanofuels are the subject of a new feasibility study at Queen Mary, University of London, UK. They could provide a more environmentally sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, say researchers. The concept is to inject wet and dry fuels made from silicon, aluminium or iron nanoparticles (separately, as single fuels) into internal combustion engines.
  • Materials UK logo

    Energy materials supply chain consultation

    A consultation has opened on the UK’s energy materials supply chain.
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    Discussing carbon footprinting strategies for the FMCG chain

    Packaging Professional magazine
    A benchmark for assessing a packaging manufacturer's carbon footprint is a long way off, concluded delegates at the Intertech Pira conference on reducing carbon footprint in the FMCG supply chain’, held from 27-28 November 2007, in London, UK.
  • Materials solutions for climate troubles

    Materials World magazine
    The Energy Materials Working Group of Materials UK has launched its Strategic Research Agenda for the energy sector over the next five, 10 and 20 years.
  • Energy Materials Strategic Research Agenda Launched

    Energy Materials Group
    On 4 December 2007, at the Tate Britain, the Materials UK Energy Materials Working Group launched its Strategic Research agenda.
  • Materials UK logo

    Launch of Energy Materials Strategic Research Agenda

    The Energy Materials Strategic Research Agenda, unveiled on 4 December, focuses on security of energy supply and climate change.
  • Technology Strategy Board 'to invest £12m in R&D of new materials technologies for energy'

    Automotive Division
    The Technology Strategy Board and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council are investing £12m in UK research into materials technologies that will help meet the country’s energy challenges.
  • UK’s Carbon Trust releases £1m of funding for low energy projects

    Materials World magazine
    The UK’s Carbon Trust has released £1 million of funding for seven new carbon technology projects. The Carbon Trust, an independent company funded by the UK Government to support the development of low carbon technologies, has announced one million pounds worth of funding for seven low carbon technology projects.
  • Record breaking magnet

    Materials World magazine
    Scientists in the USA claim to have broken the world record for a magnetic field created by a superconducting magnet, with the development of 26.8 tesla superconducting magnet. The test coil was wound using semiconductor yttrium barium copper oxide.