• Corrosion Management in the Power Industry: Current Problems and Future Challenges - meeting report

    Surface Engineering Division
    This was a very successful meeting, held in London in April 2007, attracting a total of 33 delegates from a wide range of UK manufacturers and utilities. The workshop included...
  • Man at computer

    Global laboratory allows remote access to materials analysis equipment

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers at Imperial College, London, UK, can remotely operate the aberration-corrected electron microscope at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, while teams at Oak Ridge and the Georgia Institute of Technology can use Imperial's nuclear magnetic resonance facility. The Global Lab is part of a joint venture between Imperial, Georgia, and Oak Ridge to investigate future energy solutions.
  • Energy efficient bearings from SKF

    Materials World magazine
    Bearings from SKF, based in Sweden, use 30% less energy as a result of design innovations relating to surface topography, raceway profiles, optimised internal geometry, a special polymer cage, lower friction grease and, for tapered roller bearings, an optimised set of rollers. This will be exploited in heavy industry, wind energy and conveyors and extruders for materials processing.
  • Printed circuit boards

    Environmentally sustainable manufacture of printed circuit boards

    Materials World magazine
    The results of the Towards a Zero Discharge printed circuit board Manufacturing Plant (TAZDIS) initiative announced in March 2007. Reduced metals waste generation and lower water consumption has been achieved the prototype plant.
  • Materials for a Modern World report published

    Materials UK has published a report entitled 'What's the Future Made Of? Materials for a Modern World'.
  • Nominations sought for 2007 Beilby Medal and Prize

    Nominations are invited for the 2007 Beilby Medal and Prize.
  • Microwave curing of composites

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) in Pfinztal, Germany, have developed a microwave technique to cure large fibre-reinforced plastic composites components used in the shipbuilding, construction and energy industries. The approach could serve as an alternative to manual-lamination or die-casting methods, enabling polymer resins to be heated volumetrically in a more contolled process.
  • Biomimetic coating for electric transmission

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), USA, are developing a coating, based on the water repelling, microscale surface structures and nanoscale waxy protrusions of the lotus leaf. It is hoped that the technology may be used to help conserve energy in electric transmission systems, by creating a self-clean insulator surface to prevent leaking, currents, dry band arcing and flashover.
  • £50 million of funding for research and development projects

    A DTI competition for funding will distribute £50 million to collaborative research and development projects.
  • Uranium deal signed

    Materials World magazine
    Australia has signed a trade agreement with China for the supply of uranium, which offers the opportunity for the country to double its current export volumes. China is looking to import around 20,000 tonnes of uranium annually by 2015. A nuclear safeguards agreement was part of the deal.