• Pooling resources in oil and gas

    Materials World magazine
    Nearly a year after its launch, OPITO, the UK’s Oil & Gas Academy, is making strides to secure a safe and effective workforce in the sector.
  • Probing conducting polymers

    Materials World magazine
    Polymers that exhibit metallic and semiconductor-like properties are the focus of research at the University of Leicester, UK. The team wants to enhance the fundamental understanding and properties of these materials for potential use in microactuators, bio-electrochemical sensors and batteries for energy storage. One significant finding is that incorporating single-walled carbon nanotubes improves the rheological properties of thin polyaniline films.
  • Members' input sought on radioactive waste management

    Members' reponses to questions posed by the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management are invited.
  • Waste Reduction Report from House of Lords Select Committee

    A distinguished Committee of Lords reviewed written evidence submitted to their Consultation on Waste Reduction. They invited representatives to answer questions to help them complete their review. The report was issued on 20th August 2008.
  • The UK’s Waste Resources & Action Programme demonstrated the possibilities of lightweighting with design innovation using the ‘iconic’ Grolsh lager glass bottle

    WRAPping up waste packaging materials

    Materials World magazine
    The UK’s Waste Resources & Action Programme announced on 28 July that there was a halt on levels of grocery packaging growth from 2006-7 by 32 of the UK’s major retailers and brand owners. Rupal Mehta discovers more about the materials development this involved across the retail supply chain.
  • European Rolling Conference image

    Abstract deadline approaches for European Rolling Conference

    The Iron & Steel Society
    The deadline for submitting papers to the 5th European Rolling Conference is 30 September.
  • David Williams Reviews Energy from Biomass - BBC Green Room

    To meet 2020 commitments energy from Biomass is being promoted in the EU. In this BBC 'Green Room' article David Williams argues that more needs to be done to expedite the delivery of large scale Biomass projects.
  • Powering up composites

    Materials World magazine
    Demand for small, electrically driven unmanned air vehicles (SEUAVs) in the military and civil sectors has led researchers at The Welding Institute (TWI) in Cambridge, UK, to explore the use of embedded fuel cells to help power lightweight composite structures, typically constructed from carbon or glass fibre-reinforced epoxy.
  • Nexia offers nuclear solutions to UK energy needs

    Materials World magazine
    The UK National Nuclear Laboratory, to be headquartered at the Sellafield nuclear site, UK, will conduct R&D and equip the next generation of nuclear workers.
  • 2008 Finniston Lecture on ceramic membranes for clean energy

    The 2008 Finniston Lecture, ‘Ceramic Membranes for Clean Energy Conversion – Engineering with Eggshells’, will be presented by Professor John Kilner on 22 October in London.