• Head of the British Ceramic Confederation talks transferable skills

    Materials World magazine
    Gary Price talks to Dr Laura Cohen, the new Chief Executive Designate of the British Ceramic Confederation, about the challenges that lie ahead for the industry and the importance of transferable skills.
  • Installing removable insulation on the extractor vessels in the supercritical carbon dioxide pilot plant

    Radioactive recycling of uranium

    Materials World magazine
    A plant that can recycle uranium dioxide from nuclear fuel fabrication incinerator ash is being built in Richland, USA. The technology uses super-critical carbon dioxide (SC CO2) to dissolve and recover the metal, rather than organic solvents and aqueous acids, reducing the volume of second generation toxic waste effluent.
  • The diamond-based target design for the Astra Gemini laser

    Target practice for synthetic diamond

    Materials World magazine
    High-power laser targets that incorporate single-crystal chemical vapour deposition synthetic diamond have been developed by UK scientists. The behaviour of diamond under the extreme pressures of laser beam shocks is being observed for research into new forms of energy generation such as inertial confinement fusion (ICF) energy.
  • A single-crystal diamond detector in the p-type

    Novel detectors for the age of fusion

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers in Italy are using neutron detectors made from synthetic diamond in nuclear fusion experiments. Synthetic single-crystal diamond-based detectors offer high radiation hardness, band-gap, carrier mobility and breakdown voltage, and a low atomic number.
  • Applicants invited for Beilby Medal and Prize

    The 2009 Beilby Medal and Prize is open for applicants. The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2009.
  • Mining art exhibition opens in Yorkshire

    A mining exhibition of the memories of Tom Lamb has gone on display at the National Coal Mining Museum in West Yorkshire, UK.
  • Increasing glass content in bricks

    Clay Technology magazine
    A brick containing 97% recycled glass has improved energy efficiency compared to clay bricks, claims UK firm Geofusion, based in Worcester. The geobrick is produced from a combination of container glass and cathode ray tube panel glass.
  • Pooling resources in oil and gas

    Materials World magazine
    Nearly a year after its launch, OPITO, the UK’s Oil & Gas Academy, is making strides to secure a safe and effective workforce in the sector.
  • Probing conducting polymers

    Materials World magazine
    Polymers that exhibit metallic and semiconductor-like properties are the focus of research at the University of Leicester, UK. The team wants to enhance the fundamental understanding and properties of these materials for potential use in microactuators, bio-electrochemical sensors and batteries for energy storage. One significant finding is that incorporating single-walled carbon nanotubes improves the rheological properties of thin polyaniline films.
  • Members' input sought on radioactive waste management

    Members' reponses to questions posed by the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management are invited.