• Input into technology centres

    The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) is establishing a UK-wide network of technology and innovation centres. It is seeking input into the areas these centres should cover.
  • Non-transparent film with copper as an electrode. Image courtesy of University of Bolton, UK

    Flexible approach to energy harvesting

    Materials World magazine
    Flexible fibres and films with piezoelectric and photovoltaic properties can now harvest natural energy for use in various electrical components, say UK-based researchers. This is said to be the first time that a hybrid photovoltaic-piezoelectric polymer fibre capable of being woven into a fabric has been developed.
  • construction hat on a building schematic

    Feeling green around the bills - developing skills for the green economy

    Materials World magazine
    A dearth of green skills is conspiring against sustainability objectives, suggested attendees at a seminar on Skills for the Green Economy, held in London, UK, on 21 October.
  • wind turbine

    Adding gusto - wind energy forum

    Materials World magazine
    Wind energy professionals had the chance to vent their varying views at a recent conference in London, UK.
  • Watt are You Saving?

    The Polymer Society
    The Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has launched an energy reduction competition – ‘Watt’ are You Saving? – for the UK plastics and rubber industries. The aim of the competition is to recognise the best use of technology, innovation and environmental impact in energy reduction and to showcase best practice.
  • Beilby Medal and Prize seeking nominations

    The annual Beilby Medal and Prize is open for nominations until 31 December.
  • Nominations open for IOM3 Medals and Prizes

    The 2011 Medals and Prizes from IOM3 are open for nominations.
  • Doctoral training programme in energy

    E-Futures at the University of Sheffield is a new doctoral training programme which aims to tackle the challenge of securing a sustainable supply of energy to meet growing worldwide demand.
  • Composites Conference call for abstracts deadline approaching

    The British Composites Society
    Offers of papers for the British Composites Society's international conference on Manufacturing of Advanced Composites will be considered up until 30 November 2010.
  • A coating system consisting of a superalloy substrate, a MCraly bondcoat and the doped thermal barrier is tested under extreme temperature gradient conditions in a laboratory. Visible is the (bluish) flame of the burner impinging on the coating. The surface temperature is about 1,250ºC. The substrate is kept at much lower temperatures. Typical gradients of 200K to 300K are achieved over a coating thickness of 300μm.

    On a cycle – thermal barrier coatings

    Materials World magazine
    Trials of a novel phosphor-doped thermal barrier coating (TBC) have been completed at RWE npower’s power station in Didcot, UK. Tested for 4,000 hours in a Siemens V94.3 (A) gas turbine, the doped yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ) coating is said to have remained in good condition, while the conventional YSZ TBC delaminated.