• MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award opens

    The 9th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award is open for submissions from designers, material manufacturers, developers, engineers and producers.
  • Clay – a radioactive waste solution?

    Clay Technology magazine
    Researchers at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry at the University of Mainz, Germany, are trialling deposits of Opalinus clay found in Switzerland and the southern part of Germany to store radioactive plutonium and neptunium waste from nuclear power plants.
  • Latest issue of Materials World focuses on professional development

    Materials World magazine
    The April issue of Materials World takes an in-depth look at professional development.
  • Swansea engineering students at computer

    People power - tackling skills shortages

    Materials World magazine
    As chronic skills shortages in science and engineering compromise a wide range of industries around the world, we examine how nuclear and natural resources are offering a microcosm of current efforts to tackle this.
  • scientist

    Silicon battery energy potential

    Materials World magazine
    A pilot plant that produces silicon anodes could transform the battery manufacturing sector by creating devices that can store ten times the quantity of lithium than a carbon anode. Ledetta Asfa-Wossen explores Nexeon’s Oxford, UK, based facility.
  • IOM3 @ Offshore Europe 2011, 6-8 September

    Oil & Gas Division
    IOM3 is an official supporter of Offshore Europe 2011
  • NuPlant software

    Packing up nuclear power plants

    Materials World magazine
    Software previously designed to streamline pharmaceutical packaging production is being used to help dismantle nuclear reactors more efficiently using 3D structural diagrams.
  • Institute contributes to strategically important metals debate

    Dr Bernie Rickinson, CEO of IOM3, has added to the materials scarcity debate by giving oral evidence to the House of Commons' Science and Technology Committee.
  • Input into technology centres

    The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) is establishing a UK-wide network of technology and innovation centres. It is seeking input into the areas these centres should cover.
  • Non-transparent film with copper as an electrode. Image courtesy of University of Bolton, UK

    Flexible approach to energy harvesting

    Materials World magazine
    Flexible fibres and films with piezoelectric and photovoltaic properties can now harvest natural energy for use in various electrical components, say UK-based researchers. This is said to be the first time that a hybrid photovoltaic-piezoelectric polymer fibre capable of being woven into a fabric has been developed.