• Institute's Special and Publication Awards

    Winners of the IOM3 2011 Special and Publication Awards were presented with their medals and prizes at an Awards Lunch at the Institute's London office
  • Drilling through the spin - UK shale gas exploration

    Materials World magazine
    Cuadrilla Resources, Britain’s first shale gas exploration license holder, claims a 500 square mile area around Blackpool, Preston and Southport contains enough methane to meet national gas demand for at least 50 years.
  • power plant

    Fission of the future

    Materials World magazine
    The Bristol–Oxford Nuclear Research Centre (NRC) is to provide the cutting-edge research needed to fuel Britain’s nuclear future.
  • Gamma-rays enter new dimension

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers in the US have created new gamma-ray detector materials that may lead to the development of handheld devices for nuclear, national security and biomedical applications.
  • All out of gas

    Materials World magazine
    At the Environmental Gas Summit 2011, an alternative source of fuel should have the energy industry dancing in tandem, but the environmental implications of shale gas have left it dispersed, with each sector determined on fighting its own corner.
  • Just how resourceful are we?

    Materials World magazine
    Delegates at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, UK, debated whether we should be concerned about the future global supply of strategic materials.
  • John Nicholls

    Harold Moore Memorial Lecture

    Surface Engineering Division
    Professor John Nicholls FIMMM, Cranfield University, delivered this year’s Harold Moore Memorial Lecture, as the 2010 winner of the Tom Bell Award.
  • Report on critical metals in energy technologies

    A study has been published on barriers to the deployment of low-carbon energy technologies in the EU due to the shortage of certain metals.
  • Get careers advice at the Professional Development Hub

    At the NEC Birmingham on 25 and 26 November, students, graduates and skilled professionals can visit the Professional Development Hub to obtain advice on career progression and professional qualifications.
  • Hatfield Memorial Lecture

    The Institute-supported Hatfield Memorial Lecture will this year discuss nuclear reactors. Professor George Smith FRS, Emeritus Professor of Materials at Oxford University, will deliver the lecture on 6 December at 6.45pm in Sheffield.