Research and Development Strategy Workshop - Geological Disposal Facility

Energy Materials Group
23 Dec 2008

Professor Robert Pine attended the NDA’s workshop on the R&D Strategy for a Geological Disposal Facility. He attended on behalf of IOM3 on 17 and 18 November 2008.


"The livegroup weblink below takes you to copies of the presentations. The main purpose of the workshop was to publicise and review the NDA R&D strategy for Geological Disposal.




following on from the recent white paper.



In addition to giving us a strategic overview in which the "Volunteer Community" is a key concept, the workshop was organised to examine 3 main technical aspects, all of which will be of interest to some IOM3 members.

Wastes and wasteforms

Engineered systems

Natural barriers

A personal interest was very much in the last of these which included geological and hydrogeological aspects for overall disposal safety.

The presentations give a good overview of current status for anyone who has technical interest."


Prof Robert Pine

Professor Pine does not see an immediate institutional role for IOM3, but through Brendan Breen and others in NDA they should continue to be available for comment and dissemination of information to members.