Ekaterina Grishchenkova - Russia

Ekaterina obtained her Bachelor's degree in GIS and Master's degree in Engineering Geodesy at the Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine. After that she started her postgraduate studies in Geodesy at the St Petersburg Mining University, Russia. The purpose of her research is to increase productivity and quality of Earth surface monitoring operations by developing a special system that is based on dynamic digital terrain models. At the moment, one of the technologies (including related special software) developed by Ekaterina is successfully applied in production. She has also been awarded with prize places for her research on international conferences in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Minsk, Belarus.

Ekaterina has taken up several traineeships on the basis of European universities and has also taken part in conferences abroad (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, MINES ParisTech, University of Silesia, Belarusian National Technical University and others).

In her spare time, Ekaterina plays the piano and ukulele, visits art exhibitions and goes to the theatre.

Earth surface monitoring: New look at modern equipment

One of the main aspects of mining industry development is the use of modern technologies in the production process. It is topical for coal-mining regions to implement Earth surface monitoring to control deformations caused by undermining. Moreover, it is very important to get right values of deformations to prevent damage and destruction of undermined objects. Traditional technology of Earth surface monitoring is highly precise, but it is also labour intensive. With the advent of modern geodetic equipment such as total stations, laser scanners and satellite receivers, it has become very common to use it in the process.

However, this equipment does not guarantee the high accuracy of the results. The main objective of this study is to estimate the accuracy and create a technique on a fundamentally renewed instrumental base within the regulatory requirements.


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