Energy and the Environment - Materials Making the Difference, 27 June, Leicester

East Midlands Materials Society
8 Jun 2019

Register now for this most topical of conferences! Details on the East Midlands Materials Society website. The event is co-sponsored by the IOM3 Energy Materials Group and the Society for the Environment. 

Registration available uptil and including the 21 June for this half day conference organised by East Midlands Materials Society on Thursday 27 June at the National Space Centre at Leicester.

The United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change recently presented a report which summarised the results from over 6,000 research papers. The report concluded that urgent action is needed to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Failure will have dire consequences, with extreme weather and sea rises predicted. The conference will focus on understanding how developments in materials contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in power generation, developments in power storage and distribution, and reduction in energy consumption.