Surface Matters: The Successful Use of Aluminium Sheet in Automotive Structures

13 Nov 2019
Loughborough, Leicestershire

A talk by Junjie Wang of Innoval Technology Ltd

The past decade has witnessed significant growth in the use of aluminium automotive body sheet to reduce vehicle weight for improved fuel economy and lower emissions from fossil fuelled vehicles. More recently, aluminium structures are increasingly being used to provide extended driving range for electric vehicles. The surface of aluminium sheet needs to be treated with a chemical cleaning and pretreatment process before the metal goes into a press shop. The cleaning process is used to remove the ultra-fine grained near-surface deformed layer (NSDL) which has been generated during hot and cold rolling. Cleaning is critical for the pretreatment to be successful in guaranteeing the long-term durability of adhesively bonded joints of automotive body structures and in achieving good filiform corrosion resistance of the automotive sheet after painting. This talk will give an overview about the application of aluminium sheet in automotive body structures and surface treatments of aluminium automotive body sheet.


Start: 6.30 pm

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Materials Department within Building S on map

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Department of Materials, Room S.2.031.
Loughborough University
LE11 3TU
United Kingdom
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