Materials Development in Battery Technology

4 Dec 2019

A talk by Dr Tanveer Pathan, University of Birmingham

All welcome for this most topical of talks. East Midlands students - free membership of the IOM3 if you attend!

To cope up with the high energy demand, Li-ion batteries (LIBs) and the related technology is growing rapidly and new materials and chemistries are being developed for automotive and various other applications. There is also an impetus on developing these greener and cleaner sources of energy as a result of the depletion of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases. The current LIB technology is limited by the energy density and the power density that these technologies offer. There is; therefore, a need to develop further chemistries that offer higher power and energy densities. In addition to this, the cost and the availability of the current battery materials, the life-span and the tracability of the raw materials for these technologies is in question. This talk will address some of the issues around the current LIB technology and the latest developments in the materials used for LIBs.


6.30 pm start
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Postcode for satellite navigation: NG7 2QL
Engineering Science Learning Centre, Room B14
The Engineering Science Learning Centre is building 54 on the map (pdf 797 KB)
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Engineering and Science Learning Centre, Room B14
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University of Nottingham
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